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Resolving your Dispute by Mediation

Resolving your Dispute by Mediation
This book is designed as an easy, yet comprehensive, walkthrough of the Mediation process.

It is ideal for both lay parties and lawyers alike and is an excellent addition to any legal library.

Foreword To Second Edition
by The Rt Hon Sir Brian Neill

"Mediation is beginning to be recognised as a sensible and cost-effective process for settling disputes. Because it is a discipline still in the stage of development different mediators may use methods that differ in points of detail, but I believe that this new edition of the guide will be welcomed by all those involved in or contemplating mediation as a simple and concise account of how the process works and its advantages.

Phillippa Rowe is a leading expert in this field and has been able to see mediation in action from every angle. Her knowledge and practical experience are therefore of great value. Phillippa wrote the Foreword to the First Edition and has now kindly undertaken the task of bringing the guide up to date. I hope that the following pages will prove to be a useful insight into the merits of mediation and will help all those who want to know more about the subject."


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