Essential Expert - Update & Refresher - February'18

CPD Hours: 
£300 + vat
Cost - Member: 
£250 + vat
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09:30 - 17:00

The Academy of Experts, 3 Gray's Inn Square, London

A one day course designed for the busy Expert Witness to help you keep up-to-date with current Best Practice and Guidelines. This course is open only to Experienced Experts.

Keeping up to date with current practices is essential but often time consuming work.

This course is designed to help you stay current and maintain compliance with changes to Procedure Rules and other Best Practice for Expert Witnesses.
Areas covered may include:

  • Updates to Procedure Rules
  • Civil Justice Council Guidelines 
  • Codes of Practice and Conduct
  • Additional Professional Requirements

The day is designed to be very interactive with a special 'Problem Solving' session in the afternoon giving you the opportunity to take advantage of our experience and expertise.

Advanced Course
Attendees must have a minimum of two years Expert Witness experience as well as prior experience of dedicated Expert Witness training or equivalent.

As a practical day based on the recent changes affecting experts each course will be different depending on latest cases and developments.

Review of the Legal Year

A look at the legal environment in which Experts operate: significant cases; developments; matters affecting Experts

Expert’s Potpourri or how to come out smelling sweetly

“… now I'm a judge, And a good judge, too, Though all my law be fudge, Yet I'll never, never budge, And I'll live and die a judge, And a good judge too”  ‘A judge’s guide - How not to succeed as an expert witness –”

Back to basics

‘Where is the line for Experts and how to avoid it’

Problems Surgery including ‘things going wrong’

A facilitated interactive session for participants to share and discuss problems including those they have experienced in their expert practice

  • “If it can, it will”
  • recognising early enough that something might not be right
  • identifying the ‘problem’
  • strategies for avoiding and for exiting whilst not prejudicing professional status