Finding an Expert Determiner

The Academy of Experts has a wide ranging list of members who are experienced in their own fields and are trained in the skills and techniques of dispute resolution. The Academy trains experts in the practicalities of being an Expert Determiner. Members come from a wide variety of disciplines such as arboriculture, accountancy, insurance, medicine, surveying and valuation, and zoology.

If requested The Academy can appoint the Expert Determiner or assist in finding the appropriate experts.

How do I start the Expert Determination Process?

Expert Determination may already be a provision in your contract. If not, the first step is to agree to use Expert Determination preferably using The Academy’s standard set of Rules and Procedures. Similarly you will need to agree the terms of the Expert’s appointment.

Once all involved have agreed to use Expert Determination, simply contact The Academy of Experts giving brief details of the problem. We will assist you with the few essential formalities including, the selection of a suitable Expert to help resolve your problem.

What happens next?

Each Expert Determiner will have his own approach but in general:

The parties must agree the exact wording of the question(s) to be determined by the Expert. They then provide such evidence as they think necessary. The Expert may ask for any further evidence that he considers appropriate. He will decide whether or not to deal with the matter on a documents only basis or if it is necessary to hold a hearing and/or a technical examination. Sometimes the Expert may choose to hold a preliminary procedural meeting to deal with some of these questions.

Once the Determination is completed the Expert will issue his decision (the determination) in writing in accordance with the agreed procedures.

Do I have to provide a venue?

If the Expert decides that it is necessary to hold a hearing, The Academy of Experts can provide suitable neutral facilities at the ADR Centre.

Will it work?

Yes – Expert Determination has been in use for many years in a large number of technical arenas and has a proven track record.

What will it Cost?

Costs will vary depending on the complexities of the matter, but are directly related to the decisions of the parties. The Appointment fee, the Expert’s charges and costs, will be known in advance, other costs will vary with the extent of the written and other evidence the parties choose to submit. It is usual for the parties to share the Expert’s fees and other purely administrative costs equally.

How long will it take?

Expert Determinatino takes much less time than that for arbitration or litigation. The time varies with the number of parties involved and the complexity of the dispute.

The Academy’s rules incorporate a suggested timetable.