Expert Determination

With the increasing use of Expert Determination there are new appointments awaiting those who are prepared. This training course is a prerequisite for those wishing to become a TAE accredited Expert Determiner.

Although experts instinctively feel that as experts they would have no problems with determination, the reality is rather different - technical/professional expertise alone is not sufficient. There are many pitfalls which need to be avoided and procedures and doctrines which must be followed.

This is a technical course which will deal with all you need to know to get started and run an Expert Determination.

  • What is Expert Determination 
  • What are the differences between Expert Determination and Arbitration, Adjudication and Early Neutral Evaluation.
  • The process 
  • Potential problems - areas and solutions 
  • The Determination 
  • How to write it 
  • Giving Reasons 
  • Publishing the Determination

Academy Rules

The Academy Rules for Expert Determination which came into effect from June 2008 make it essential to undertake proper training prior to undertaking new instructions.