Guidance to Applicants

Applications for membership are judged on the basis of an applicant’s experience as an Expert Witness. The Academy recognises that the skills of an expert are separate from those required by an applicant’s primary profession and awards different grades of membership.

Level (Grade) of Entry

It is not always immediately obvious which level of membership to apply for initially. Those starting out as an Expert Witness, no matter how ‘expert’ they may be in their primary profession should apply as a ‘Practicing Associate’. Where an applicant already has a broad range of Expert Witness experience they may wish to apply as a ‘Full Member’.

Associate Membership is for those starting out their Expert Witness careers.

Full Membership is awarded to experienced Expert Witnesses who show an appropriate level of skill and understanding of the work of an expert.
Fellows are those experts who demonstrate an exceptional level of skill and experience as an Expert Witness and must be Full Members of at least two years standing. There are currently fewer than 60 Fellows.


Those applying for Full Member may, at the discretion of the Membership Vetting Committee, be granted Associate Membership where it is judged that they do not have sufficient appropriate experience for Full Membership.

Guidance on Completion of the Application Form

These notes are designed to aid potential members and applicants in the completion of their application to join TAE. All applicants should ensure that they have read and fully understand these notes before submitting an application for memberhsip. If you have any further queries please contact TAE.

  1. Professional Details - Provide details and dates of advancement of professional qualification or completion of professional training.  

  2. Areas of Expertise

    1. Fields of Professional Expertise: All areas in which the applicant is qualified and is applying to be considered able to give Expert opinion.

    2. Fields in which you are applying for membership of The Academy as an Expert: Areas in which the applicant has been instructed to prepare Expert opinion.

  3. Referees:

    1. As part of the vetting process Candidates are required to  supply the names of referees who are able to support their application.

    2. We require the names of three people, preferably Lawyers, for whom the applicant has undertaken Expert work. If you do not have three Lawyers who are able to act as referees please provide a similar alternative giving the capacity in which you were instructed - or alternatively contact The Academy for further guidance.

    3. Note that the application will not be proceeded with until references have been obtained and so it is always adviseable to contact the referees in advance to confirm that they will be able to provide a reference.

    4. Unless specifically requested by the referee the contents of the reference will not be divulged to the candidate or any third party.

  4. Level of Entry

    1. Those applying for Full Member may, at the discretion of the Membership Vetting Committee, be granted Associate Membership where it is judged that they do not have sufficient appropriate experience for Full Membership.

  5. Enclosures to accompany an Application.

    1. Your CV should stress the aspects of your professional work in addition to the Expert work. It should be confined to factual material.

    2. Please give full details of all Expert work undertaken in the last three years. The majority of Expert evidence is written but if you have given oral evidence please supply details. The approximate overall duration of the trial and the period during which the applicant was in the box should be stated for each appearance.

    3. All courses or CPD events involving Expert work should be stated. If courses are less than a full day they should be stated as ¼, ½, or ¾ day as applicable. The subject matter of the course should emphasise its relevance to Expert work. The organisation which provided the course should be given and when the course is organised by the employer of the applicant the letters IH (in-house) should be used. 

    4. Applicants should enclose a representative report from a case that is no longer active if applying for Full membership.

    5. Applications should contain copies of certificates for all relevant Academic and Professional qualifications.

    6. List all publications of note (including co-authorship).

    7. Although not a requirement it would be useful if a passport sized photograph accompanied the application.

  6. Fees

    1. Applications will not be processed until the first year’s subscription and non-refundable vetting fee is paid.

    2. All TAE memberships renew on 1st March each year. To take this into account the first year’s subscription is a special discounted rate.

  7. VAT

    1. VAT receipts where appropriate will be issued. 

    2. Fifty percent of the membership subscription is Zero Rated for VAT.

  8. Data Protection

    1. As part of its service to members and the legal profession The Academy runs a number of referral services. In the course of making a referral The Academy may make a member’s details available. If you do not wish to take part in any of The Academy’s referral services please tick the box at the end of the Application Form.

    2. The Academy does not sell or disclose its mailing list.

  9. Insurance

    1. All successful applicants will be required to contribute to the Academy’s Group Professional Indemnity Insurance Policy subject to certain exclusions. The current cost of the contribution is £130 until 28th February 2015. 

    2. Unless otherwise agreed exclusions include, but are not limited to, Applicants:

      1. living or practising in North America

      2. who know that they are or might be the subject of a current or future claim

    3. Further details about the policy are available from The Academy’s Brokers: CBC (UK) Ltd, Mansell Court, 69 Mansell Street, London, E1 8AN Tel: 020 7265 5600