Into Court November '19

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£375+vat - non-member
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0930 - 1700

The Academy of Experts

As an Expert you will be judged on the quality of your evidence - not just the quality of your opinion.

The courtroom can be a challenging and confrontational environment. If you are called to give evidence in the Witness Box you need to be confident of your courtroom skills.

This course is designed to give you the knowledge and experience of being in court.

As well as technical accuracy you must take into account: 

  • How and when to prepare for court
  • Giving evidence
  • Roles, duties and conflicts
  • How to make the best of any situation
  • Lawyers' techniques and how to handle them
  • How to introduce yourself and your expertise
  • How to survive cross-examination
  • Practical sessions and feedback

You will have the opportunity to be cross-examined by a practising Barrister in a protected environment with a chance to learn from and to correct your mistakes, as well as to improve your technique before you go into the box.

Suitable as:

  • an introduction to the art of success and survival in court 
  • a refresher for the experienced expert

The course design and subject matter is such that many do attend it more than once:

After the Foundation Course to get a feel for the process and experience what is required and what can go wrong.

Before attending court as a refresher and preparation for appearing 'in the box'.

Participants attending will be asked to supply a copy of a short report (from a case which is no longer live) or case study which they have written. This need not be an actual report but can be prepared for the course - it should contain enough detail for cross-examination