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The roles of Judge & Expert: Theory & Practice Lord Justice Hickinbottom

A view from the bench
Lord Justice Hickinbottom has been a long time supporter of The Academy and in February he speake to members about  the roles of the judge and the expert - particularly in the light of the recent Supreme Court/PC cases of Kennedy v Cordia and R v Myers.

His talk considered the circumstances in which experts in practice determine a case - whatever judges say about that being their role - and when they do not!

Lone Ranger or Hired Gun - Experts in Arbitration

The talk examined from a practical perspective what tribunals expect from experts, the ways in which experts can help tribunals better understand technical and quantum aspects of disputes and the advantages and disadvantages of the various ways of providing expert opinion and testimony.

Gin Tasting Evening

Ever seen how Gin is actually made?
For all those Gin lovers out there we have a special treat in store!

Evening Meeting - Be a Better Mediator

All mediators want more work.

There are two ways we can help ourselves get more work. Be better at business and be better at mediation.

Stephen Walker's popular talk last December was about being better at business. In this interactive session you will learn how to be better at mediation.

Using Social Media - Evening Meeting

As a successful forensic accountant and head of a team of forensic accountants Fiona Hotston Moore has to ensure there is a steady flow of new instructions coming through the door.

Fiona will share her practical tips in using social media as an Expert Witness to raise profile, maintain relationships with fellow professionals, generate opportunities and to build professional credibility.

The use of Social Media by profesionals is often a tricky balance of commercial activity against professional reserve. 

Marketing Your Mediation Practice

Stephen Walker has spoken at workshops and conferences on developing your business as a mediator. He is also a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators and lectures on Mediation on the Masters in Construction Law at Kings College London. 

In this talk he explored with members and guests:

Evening Meeting - The hot tub and other aspects of expert evidence: a view from the bench

His Honour Judge David Grant, is the Principal Judge of the Technology & Construction Court in Birmingham and will be giving members and guests the opportunity to learn about current trends in Expert Evidence and in particular hot-tubbing as perceived from the bench.