Forensic Science Regulator

Evening Meeting
Wednesday, 13 March, 2019

The role of the Forensic Science Regulator is to ensure that the provision of forensic science in the Criminal Justice System is subject to an appropriate regime of quality standards. Using examples from fingerprint comparison and digital forensics in particular, this Evening Meeting will discuss what has been learned from introduction of quality standards and will consider the impact in terms of changes to practice.

It will consider how forensic science could move beyond compliance with basic quality standards to delivery of the best quality forensic science in a way that is proportionate to the needs of the whole Criminal Justice System.

However, the long-term provision of high quality forensic science is critically dependent on adequate funding, so the presentation will also consider the challenges facing the profession and the potential outlook.

Dr Gillian Tully

Foresic Science Regulator

Gill Tully has worked in forensic science for over 25 years, specialising in DNA, innovation, validation and enhancement of quality standards.

Her work has included provision of expert evidence to courts in the UK and overseas, and extensive collaborative working with forensic practitioners around the world. In November 2014, Gill took up the appointment of Forensic Science Regulator and is responsible for setting standards in forensic science

The Forensic Science Regulator is an independent role responsible for establishing and enforcing quality standards for forensic science used in the investigation and prosecution of crime.